Putting sustainability at the core of our business.

Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

Our Common Future

As the third generation to run the Giardini SpA, we fully understand the concept of sustainability and integrate it into our business model.

From sourcing raw materials to polishing our final products, we keep sustainability at the heart of what we do.

Food Miles

We are fortunate to be based in an area home to farmers who produce plenty of excellent quality cereals. As such, we choose to source close to home as much as possible.

In fact, our raw materials are produced locally in most of our feed products.

When we need to include cereals that are not grown in our area, we try to purchase then nationally or at the European level first.

This guarantees an optimal quality because of the farming rules and regulations that apply here and are amongst the most stringent globally.

This is reflected in the feed we produce and in the health of the animals that consume it.

Fewer food miles means less pollution, a healthier planet and happier people.

Well-planned distribution

This also goes for the way we distribute our feed. We have integrated a planning software into our production system that ensures we distribute efficiently.

This means our lorries are always full and have optimized journeys so they don’t travel unnecessarily.

Our fleet of lorries and those of the transport companies we use are of the newest generation with efficient engines and reduced emissions.

We constantly review and update our systems to ensure we make the most of any new options that become available as technology advances and are always on the lookout for new distribution solutions.

Efficient production

Putting sustainability at the core of our business also means we do our best to minimize the impacts of producing our feed.

As such we strive to be ultra efficient in the way we use energy and water within our production lines.

We have been harnessing solar power for instance for years thanks to a series of photovoltaic panels that are placed on the roof of the company. As a result, we manage to produce most of our feed using the energy from the sun.

We also take care to ensure we use water soundly and manage the way it is consumed, for instance in making our flaked cereals.

Smart packaging

Our animal feed is available as bulk feed where no packaging is required or packaged primarily in paper bags and sometimes in plastic ones, depending on the type of feed.

We make sure any packaging is sturdy and protects our products.

Made from responsibly sourced materials, our bags are designed to the highest specifications, can be used for other purposes when the feed has been consumed and can ultimately be safely recycled.

Waste management

Because our business is about transforming cereals, we generate very little primary waste.

We upcycle any production remains and strive to never waste raw materials.

Throughout our operations, we apply the rule of refusing, reducing, reusing, repurposing and then recycling.

At the very end of our management system, we ensure we recycle any paper or plastic waste, be it from our production plant or from our offices, as well as any other type of waste, such as oils and fats

Leading by example

As we are embedded in the local social fabric, we do our best to ensure our suppliers put as much care into respecting the environment as we do.

We invite our suppliers to participate in events were avant-garde farming methods are presented and urge them to follow up and coming ideas in the field of sustainability.

In applying new thinking to their fields, we get to benefit from healthy soils and quality crops. Beyond being at the cutting edge, we also work hard to ensure local businesses come together to support each other.

As such, we are behind the Bollino del Trasimeno label that brings companies operating around Lake Trasimeno, in the centre of Italy, together in a network.

A green vision

Located in Umbria, we are in what is known as “the green heart” of the country.

We take much pride in this and believe that the long term vision of companies located here – and everywhere for that matter – should take this green label into consideration.

We for one couldn’t operate without a healthy environment and our operations rely completely on nature’s ability to produce healthy crops.

Without clean water and high quality soils for instance, none of our work would be possible.